Welcome to the Ubidu Homepage!

Ubidu is a Mozilla Ubiquity command for interfacing with the Baidu search engine, which is very popular in China.

Ubidu is written by Zhang Ruochen aka. CloudiDust, and released under the MIT license. The author's homepage (in Chinese) is here.

Feel free to try it, as it won't email your grandmother your entire image browsing history, I promise.

Ubidu Installation

Ubidu can only be subscribed if you are using Mozilla Firefox and have the Ubiquity extension installed.

If you have met the requirements, a popup message would tell you to subscribe the command when you see this page.

Don't be afraid of the following scary page if you choose to subscribe, just proceed. :)

If you need the Ubiquity extension, you can get it here.

Ubidu Usage

The basic syntax of Ubidu is:

baidu { [something] } { in [section] }

The {[something]} is the query string you want to send.

And the optional { in [section] } part is for specifying a particular search service like "music", "video", etc.

If not specified, the section is defaulted to "www".

On the other hand you may also omit the query string, and you will be presented the homepage of the given service.

Available Services

Currently Ubidu supports the following Baidu services:

www The basic webpage search service.

music Music search.

image Image search.

video FLV Video search.

tieba A simplistic, but very active forum service.

baike Baidu's wikipedia-like service.

zhidao Similar to Yahoo! Answers.

news Search among the news.

dict An online dictionary, powered by Dr.Eye.

Browsing Ubidu Source

You may access the mercurial repository of Ubidu here.

Actually this whole website is source controlled there.

Thoughts and Future Developments

Ubidu is my first Ubiquity command, but I'm already impressed by how easily a powerful Ubiquity command can be written. The "not-so-scary command line" may be the currect interface for the new web age. And I am looking forward to the further development of Ubiquity, as well as its counterparts in other browsers.

Currently Ubidu is merely an interface to the search box of Baidu, but as the development goes on, more functionality will be added.

For instance, Ubidu can become a great assistant for "bazhu" (the moderators of "tieba"), but the fact that baidu opens none of its API to individual developers may cause some difficulties in implementing this.

On the other hand, many other Chinese online service providers like Douban and Fanfou are gracefully opening their API, and Ubidu may also target them and become a collection of commands that target these services.

In the beginning was the command line, and now, it's finally back.

Copyright 2008, CloudiDust